Our business team is focused on developing our core infrastructure and future planning. They analyze and adapt our strategy to ensure that we have the best chance at connecting with our customers.



Communicating our vision to our customers is just as important as developing it. Our marketing team is passionate about sharing our vision with the world by connecting with our customers on a personal level.



Our engineers are as passionate about good design as the rest of the team. From the concepts that we think up to the physical products we manufacture, they are the catalyst that makes it all possible.


The Story of M33 Labs



In the year 2015, at an altitude of 32,000 ft somewhere over the Rocky Mountains, a napkin was used to sketch out the solution to a question our founder Brandon Smith asked himself. The question was:


"What would a desktop computer look like if was re-invented for a digital artist?"


What started as a test of imagination has evolved into a company that has made it their goal to build the very best tool for creative people that rely on a computer to do their work. M33 Labs has built a culture that is focused around championing these individuals, because their love and passion for their work is what drives us.

We care about good design.

We care about the user experience.

We believe in quality over quantity.

We design products that enable creativity.


We build tools to unlock the full potential of human imagination.


M33 Labs builds products that enable users to do more through

the innovation and improvement of technology. M33 Labs is the

creator of SPACE, the ultimate workspace experience.

The Story of Our Logo


The M33 Labs name and logo originates from the mythology of the Triangulum galaxy. Since the triangle is the strongest shape as the force is evenly distributed over a large area with a minimum amount of mass, we decided that it was the perfect symbol for our logo.

Our culture is simple.

We care about good design.

We care about good engineering.

We believe in the creatives, and we champion them.

We believe it is the select few who believe they can do better that will.

We believe in the dreamers,

We believe in the thinkers,

And we believe we can make them creators.

Our products tell a story, and they translate a vision.

M33 Labs is a company for the creatives by the creatives.


We affectionately call our logo “the Library” in respect to our source of inspiration: a triangular Laurentian library sketch by the genius Michelangelo. SPACE was named in the same cosmic theme and to recognize the product as more than just a desk, a workspace.

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