Breathtaking Power Meets Compelling Design

Same great design.

So much more under the hood.

SPACE Pro offers the same breathtaking design as the original, with the added power that even the most advanced of users have come to expect.


It is the ultimate tool for creatives, delivering an experience that puts everything at your fingertips.


Built For Multiple Displays Right Out Of The Box.

SPACE Pro was built for those whose work takes them beyond a single monitor.  With support for 2 additional displays right out of the box, you can rest assured you will have plenty of room for your work.






With advanced graphics from nVidia such as the GTX1070 and optional GTX1080, you will notice the speed of just about everything you do when you use SPACE Pro. Over 8GB of graphics memory give you more than enough power to run even the most advanced applications or the latest games, all at the highest settings.


Motherboard / Processor


Intel® Core™ Processor

SPACE Pro comes with Intel’s latest generation of processors and delivers quad core performance to create an experience that is uncompromising. The Core i7 gives users an edge when doing tasks like video editing or rendering.




Supports Up To



With capability up to 64GB of RAM, SPACE Pro gives even the most intense users every bit of capability in their work. Because all memory options are the latest generation DDR4, you can be sure that every application will be able to take full advantage of the hardware.






All flash storage gives SPACE Pro the fastest experience possible when running applications, transferring files, or just logging in. Different Solid State Hard Drive options also ensure that you have enough storage for all of your needs.




SPACE Pro comes with an integrated Control Panel that houses Audio In / AUX ports, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. A touch-to-power on button is also included. SPACE Pro’s screen also includes 2 USB 3.0 ports for even more expansion.

USB 3.0


Audio In / Out



Bluetooth 4.0


802.11 A / C


Included in every SPACE and SPACE Pro is support for Intel’s latest standard, 802.11 A/C wireless. Bluetooth 4.0 is also included, which means that you can stay connected at the highest speeds possible. If you prefer to be connected, an RJ-45 jack can be found on the bottom next to the power receptacle.




Two 3.5 inch speakers provide a range of sound equal or greater to that of a traditional desktop speaker setup. Because they are integrated into the desk you only have to adjust the sound on the desktop to experience their rich and deep sound.






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