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How it all Started

In the year 2015, at an altitude of 32,000 ft somewhere over the Rocky Mountains, a napkin was used to sketch out the solution to a question our founder Brandon Smith asked himself. The question was: "What would a desktop computer look like if was re-invented for a digital artist?"

What started as a test of imagination has evolved into a company that has made it their goal to build the very best tool for creative people that rely on a computer to do their work. M33 Labs has built a culture that is focused around championing these individuals, because their love and passion for their work is what drives us.


a company founded by Creatives

 Our goal is simple, to produce our very best workspace so creatives like us can spend more time focusing on their work and less time on the tools needed to accomplish it. From the user experience when you first sit down, to the smallest screw hole a mount, we make sure to take everything into account because every single detail matters. Like all great artists, we also make sure to sign our work when we know it has achieved its perfect form.



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