It Starts With An Idea.

Every idea is born out of a desire for something better. No idea is too small or too big. All are important. An idea must have a purpose. We discuss it, debate it, refine it. We fight for it and against it. We nurture and explore ideas until they evolve into possibilities. Only then do we take an idea and run with it.

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We Carefully Craft Its Design.

No idea is impossible and no endevour is too great. We ask questions and challenge the answers. Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. We apply the 10 principles of good design at every stage. We focus on aesthetic, color, texture and feel. We care about user experience. No detail is too minor, even if the user will never see it.


We Become Students Of Possibility.

We research how to turn possibility into reality. We estimate the cost and weigh risk vs. reward. We model our design and test it digitally. We discover the tools we need to build it. We set goals and deadlines. We put a plan in motion to deliver.

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We Turn Possibility Into Prototype.

We gather only the highest quality materials. The parts we can not build ourselves, we source locally from those that can. Each part is carefully assembled according to our design. Once completed, we inspect every inch looking for mistakes. It is at this crucial point we begin to test our idea.


We Test, And Re-Test. We Refine.

We invite artists, designers, and creators to use our prototype. We listen, observe and study carefully. Every bit of feedback is reviewed and discussed. We make adjustments to our design, improving every aspect of its use. It is at this point we finalize it, preparing it for mass market. It is at this moment a prototype becomes a product.

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We Introduce A Product.

We publicize our work for the first time, sharing it with the world. We celebrate it what we have achieved, and begin working to bring it to market.  It is at this point we make partnerships, ensuring supply chain management. We make sure we have everything in place to support our customers. We begin marketing, sharing our idea with those we believe will love it most. We show the world what others can achieve when they use it. Having prepared and crafted our our product as much as possible, we finally do as all the great artists before us:


We Sign Our Work