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Cox Channel 7

"One person can change the world, but when a team like M33 puts their skills to work, imagination embraces transformation. 

Brandon Smith, CEO of M33 Labs, says he was an IT guy in Michigan when he went to visit a buddy who worked in a design studio. ...."


The State Press

"For most, space is considered the final frontier; but for a group of ASU students, it's a desk — one that is revolutionizing the definition of a desktop computer.

The group is, more specifically, a student-run company — M33 Labs — and they're dedicated to building products that can complem..."


StartUS Magazine

"If you take a moment to look at the common desktop setup it becomes quite clear that we have a multitude of devices that not only take up space, but require an immense amount of cables. All of this makes the user experience subpar, so rather than settling we decided to....


Startup Savant

"They craft this incredible piece of work that ends up becoming a company, and that company turns out products that are a reflection of that work. Customers then buy these products because those products reflect their own philosophies. One of my favorite examples of this is Braun, a company that has churned out some of the most iconic products of our time such as the SK 2 Radio...."



"Designed by M33 Labs in Phoenix, SPACE is a next-generation desktop computer and desk that cleans up clutter while providing the ultimate workspace experience. Sleek and sophisticated, SPACE allows the modern worker to streamline their creative and professional duties ..."



"Furthermore, when queried on why they choose the Technology industry as their TG, the M33 team stated that,

Technology is perhaps the biggest industry in which personalization, functionality and innovation all come together to meet one another. It is also an industry plagued by both really great..."



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